100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm
100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm

100W Electric Hot Glue Gun 11mm

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The glue gun is highly versatile & can be used in a variety of hobby & craft projects. It can be used on many surfaces such as wood, plastic, foam, metal, fabric, paper, cardboard. ceramic, etc.
The glue gun can also be used in non craft purpose like fixing a broken piece of furniture frame, sticking tiles, fixing toys & models, household decorations, automotive DIY, general repair, etc.

Power Supply: AC 100~240V
Frequency: 50~60Hz
Power: 100W
Plug Type: EU Plug
Standard: CE Certification
Fits: for 11mm Hot Melt Glue Sticks
1. Glue stick with a diameter 11m is suitable for this product.
2. Load a glue stick into the back of the gun.
3. Connect to electrical oultet; preheat for 5 to 8 minutes.
4. Lightly squeeze the trigger to release the melted glue.
5. Only use as mech glue as you need.
6. Wait for the glue to dry.

1. Do not keep this product within reach of children.
2. Do not insert liquid or paste adhesive.
3. Do not put the nozzle upward while working.
4. Continuously 15 minutes without working, shut off the power for protection.
5. Do not pull out the glue stick in the gun if it can't be used up in one time. Leave the remaining glue stick in the gun.
6. Store in ventilated dry place for maintaining.
7. It may cause smoking when first using beacause of some material added for durability. After using 30 minutes, the smoking will disappear automatically.
8. The melted adhesive reaches temperatures of up to 200℃/392℉; Hence,
    a. There could be danger of burns.
    b. Incase of hot glue comes in contact with the skin, first rinse the area with cold water for 2 minutes. Do not try to remove the glue immediately.
    c. Do not touch the nozzle are of melted adhesive with unprotected fingers.
    d. Glue may continue to ooze out of the gun even when you're not squeezing the trigger. When you set the gun down, make sure to place a sheet of paper or card board beneath it to protect the underlying surface form the drips.
Package Included:
1 x 100W Hot Melt Glue Gun (EU Plug)